Eleuthera Bahamas & Harbour Island Wedding Photography

Over the years, I have been honored to been select by brides (and their grooms) to photograph several wedding ceremonies and rehearsals in this gorgeous Island. I love photographing weddings at Eleuthera Bahamas. There I said it!

The 200 mile long island, sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean seas, is my favorite island to photograph destination weddings because of it’s diversity, history and beauty. Strung along the island are a host of settlements, towns and natural venues, from the Upper Bouge in the North, Governor’s Harbour in the center, all the way to Rock Sound and Lighthouse Point in the South.

Along the way, are pink and white sand beaches, historic churches, modern marinas mixed with sailboats from an era gone by, classic Caribbean architecture, caves to go spelunking, amazing surf, unique resorts, rocky bluffs, low-lying wetlands and massive coral reefs that form the ingredients for creating beautiful wedding photos. Eleuthera is a meeting place of two distance times in the same world.

To the North of Eleuthera lies Harbour Island –once the capital of The Bahamas — which was ranked as “The Best Island in the Caribbean” by Travel & Leisure magazine back in 2005 with its’ pink sand beaches — is home to supermodel Elle MacPherson. It’s a favorite spot for Sport’s Illustrated swimsuit issue, and a favorite of mine.