Lyford Cay Bahamas Wedding Photographer

Lyford Cay Club  Bahamas Wedding Photography

A wonderful spot to photograph weddings is the Lyford Cay Club in Nassau Bahamas, an oceanfront community on Western New Providence Island. Lyford is renowned for its early 20th centuiry reserved, tropical British style (think Bermuda), and remains a haven for an international audience (think Sean Connery) that enjoys clasic amenities and personal service.

Located in a 1,000-acre secure enclave near Nassau International Airport, the Lyford Cay Club in Nassau Bahamas enjoys generally warmer winters and cooler summers than those typical of the Florida coast.

I’ve photographed Lyford weddings on the white sand beach and in the Church of St Christopher Lyford Cay, with receptions at the Lyford Cay Club, Marina and on the grounds — including the golf course!